Boys and their toys!

Loved shooting this handsome little man last week.



Capture the Everyday!

Savour the small moments, the big ones may stick in your head but those small quiet everyday moments are more important than any one big moment

Michael Cook
Such fond memories of baddies and goodies, my part was usually the damsel in distress who had been kidnapped!
The good guy wins!
Mary’s shop window

I have always loved capturing the little moments, even as a kid I wanted to document things in my life as I was always aware that things change and won’t last forever and when I look back at these photos the joy and memories they bring back is priceless.

To this day, I continue to try and capture the everyday moments and when I look back I don’t focus on what I looked like but how I felt in the moment. The camera tends to come everywhere with me so I am ready to freeze the moment in time. These shots in the park are exactly that, I wanted to capture the girls being themselves and enjoying the everyday!


Beach Days are the best Days

The lock down hit my kids pretty hard, they felt like they were under house arrest as movements were limited and days out were a thing in the past. We are all still concerned about Covid but still wanted some days out. Images on social media of large crowds and people not social distancing had put me off going out, At this point the girls were going stir crazy at home. So we finally planned a beach day, although it meant a 5:30am wake up to make sure we could enjoy the beach without the crowds, but it was so worth it.


Christmas Minis are in the making!

Watch this space!

Holidays are coming…

Our Christmas minis are returning this year on the 7th and 14th of November in Sudbury. Our Christmas Kitchen will be ready as well as the addition of some new digital backdrops. Can’t see Santa then why not opt for a digital backdrop with Santa. Why not create your own Christmas cards, Decorations etc. with your beautiful Christmas photos?



School’s in Session!

I have never known my kids to be excited for school but after months of remote learning/ homeschooling they are so ready for it, as are most parents no doubt! Our two went back for the last half term as they were in the targeted year groups. I never thought in my lifetime the phrase, ” If you don’t start behaving, you won’t go to school” would have worked but it did, many times!

We had great fun in our “Classroom” for this shoot.



A styled shoot put together for my princess warriors. Inspiration started with a “Curly Mohawk” hair tutorial from Sweethearts Hair and the story of Boudica they had learned at school. We handmade the braids and bracelets and wraps for their arms and legs as well a choker. Outfits were a combination of scarves and repurposed furry hoods! A little research on Celtic warrior facepaint and we had our look.


The Dark Queen and the Queen of the Fairies!


The Christmas Kitchen is now open!


“Love is a four-legged word”

I recently had the privilege of capturing the love shared between a beautiful family and a much loved family member, Bailey, a Bernese mountain dog.  Bailey has been at the heart of their family since he was a pup and loved each and everyone of them unconditionally.

Lucy, Bailey’s Mum, contacted me to take some shots of Bailey with the family.  Bailey was getting on in years and we wanted to capture the special bond between Bailey and the family, in particular the children.   Although not everyone was happy having to share, Bailey!  Continue reading ““Love is a four-legged word””