I have always enjoyed taking photographs and documenting those special moments as well as the ordinary everyday moments in my life.   I have a passion for learning and love to know how things work and like to do things for myself! 

My love of photography grew deeper when my children arrived. I love to see my children growing up, however, I also want to hold on to those moments and capture the joy, tears, smiles and all the other emotions that are a part of growing up!  I want to be old and grey and be able to sit in my rocking chair looking at my memories and resurrect the feelings, smells, and sounds that those moments brought to me!  The grey has already set in but I’m not quite old yet!

Candid and lifestyle photography are some of my favourite styles to work with although I also like to let my creative side go wild in styled photo shoots whether in a studio set up or on location.

I want to capture life in all its amazing, messy glory! Photography has taught me to take more notice of those moments in life we never get back. It reminds me to pause and soak in a moment and if I am lucky to have my camera or even my phone I try to capture it without spoiling the beauty of the moment.

I am based in North Essex near the Suffolk border but I am always willing to load the car up and find new and exciting locations to shoot!

If you would like to start a conversation about capturing your moments to remember contact me here:  Contact

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