Our house has been gearing up for Halloween in the last few weeks from trying out our potions and poisons shoot to sending the girls off to sorcery school!

Our 5 yr old could be heard for miles shouting “Hocus Pocus” as she created her spells and made magic. Our potions and poisons shoot is great fun with lots of imagination from the kids! Some of the spells they wanted to cast made me wonder whether I was bringing up children with great imaginations or evil geniuses!

To build on their new spell making skills the girls were sent to sorcery school at Kentwell Hall.

It was an amazing day of witchcraft and wizardry. We saw so much awe in the eyes of our 5yr old and our 10yr old questioning could it all be real!

All in all we are ready for Halloween and have learnt spells a plenty!

To book a potions and poisons shoot get in touch below!

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